Sunday, 14 October 2012

Week 3: Google or database searching --- Chang

In the last two weeks, we have learn Google and Database from Alastair. Today I am going to share one tip about Google and Database searching with you. In the second session, Alastair showed us a useful tool called Thumbshots Ranking which can compare site ranking in different seach tools such as Google, Yahoo and Being. The results are interesting. When we search a same keyword in Google and Yahoo, the ranking of results is completely different between these two popular search engines. After that, we changed the sequence of the keywords and searched again in the same search tools. We found that the rankings were totally different. This meant the sequence of key words had impact on the ranking. When I went home, I wanted to find if the plural of noun could affect the result of ranking. I tried the keyword Car and Cars in Google and found that the plural could also affect the result of ranking. But unlike changing sequence, the plural only affected the part of the result. From these there different types of seaching, we found that one interesting thing was Wikipedia always occurred in the top of the first page.

From this experience, I learn that I need to try different search strategies when searching information.

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