Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Our Information Literacy in context

This blog entry discusses our common map of changes as regards every member's information literacy context.

We felt that as a group, we all share a changing technical context to get familiar with the University's online learning resources such as MUSE and MOLE2. None of us have used these systems before except Ben who used MOLE1 and MUSE as part of his undergraduate degree here at the University of Sheffield. Nonetheless, he also agrees he has to get used to the new interface.

We all use some social media tools including Facebook, QQ, Twitter etc. On the one hand these tools are very important as agreed by all us, on the other hand, the rate of technical changes and trends make them difficult to keep up with.

Our group comprises two UK nationals and two over-seas students. The over-seas students have found life in Sheffield somewhat different to what they are used to in their home countries. Nevertheless, they have found the culture shocks to be very pleasant, because they found that a good way to adjust involves going out, finding more about the local community from various sources like the Internet, exploring the area, reading newspapers, talking to people as well as Skype-ing to keep in-touch with relatives.

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