Saturday, 6 October 2012

Thing 5: The New Information Universe ---Chang

Recently I had an experience to find an authentic Chinese restaurant in Sheffield. Because I never had meal in a Chinese restaurant of Sheffield before, I had to find some information on the Internet.

Firstly, I posted a question about the good Chinese restaurants to the internet forum of the Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Sheffield. Later, someone recommended a restaurant called Wong Ting to me. But I didn’t know if this restaurant was his personal preference. So I had to find some common evaluation about this restaurant.

Next, I used Google to find some common evaluation about these restaurants. First of all, I typed the text ‘ ”evaluation” “Chinese restaurant” “Sheffield” ’ into the search box and the results were some PDFS about Chinese restaurants in Sheffield which were not what I wanted. Then I removed the words ‘Chinese’ and ‘Sheffield’, added the word ‘UK’ into the search box and searched again. This time, I found a website called Tripadvisor. After finding out Tripadvisor, I searched Wong Ting Restaurant in its database and there were more than 60 comments written by customers.

Finally, I decided to have dinner in the Wong Ting Restaurant after reading all the comments. And the foods were delicious.

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