Friday, 2 November 2012

The IL in our careers exhibition (and our poster!)

Seven Wonders of Information Literacy (our poster)

This week we took part in the 'Information Literacy in our Future Careers' poster display at Firth Hall. Along with the other teams on the module, we created and displayed a poster about what we thought would be important information literacy skills to use in our future careers. We decided to focus our poster on the SCONUL 'Seven Pillars' skills model of Information Literacy, choosing the 'Seven Wonders of Information Literacy' as a basis for our design.

Having identified two different future career paths between the four members of our team (Academic Librarian and Information Analyst) we then put our minds to identifying the professional skills we may have in common. This was a useful exercise, as we were given an opportunity to reflect on our own professional aspirations in relation to Information Literacy, and the skills we might be able to bring to the workplace.

It was very impressive to see the kinds of ideas that other team members had come up with; some groups had clearly put in a great deal of effort. It was interesting to see how Information Literacy could be represented through different visual ideas and perspectives (including a superhero, a Monopoly board, a world map, Snow White, and others). It encouraged us to think about our own IL skills in new ways.

 The iTeam

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