Friday, 28 September 2012

Considering the Seven Pillars of Information Literacy

In relation to our own experiences, we would consider our strongest of the Seven Pillars of Information Literacy to be GATHER, PRESENT and PLAN.

Ben believes that PRESENTING is his strongest Pillar. Being able to synthesise and appraise information from various sources and to communicate and share knowledge in a variety of forms is an essential skill for successful essay-writing. He is also familiar with some of the processes of publication, having briefly worked in this field.

James believes that GATHER is his strongest Pillar at the moment. Experience as a Graduate Trainee Library Assistant at a University has given him a better understanding of the types and range of information retrieval tools available as well as how to find help when required. His Graduate Trainee role also required good use of Information Literacy skills in general, most often when helping students to find information and showing them how to find things for themselves using the tools appropriate to their course and level of study.

Chang also thinks that his strongest Pillar is GATHER. During his undergraduate period, he has used many different kinds of information retrieval tools to gather information. For example, he helped students search information by using Kngine which is defined as the smartest search engine in the world. He has also used a content-based retrieval tool called Baidu Picture to gather images.

Michael believes his strongest pillar is PLANNING. He comes to this conclusion because his previous job as a part-time lecturer required him to be a tutor-teacher to many international students (considered to be ‘digital migrants’) whose entire learning structure was based on an e-learning platform. This contrasted to what they were accustomed to in their home-countries. He helped them by adopting an approach which showed them how to construct personalized strategies for seeking information.  
To sum up, our team is good at PRESENTING, GATHERING and PLANNING.

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